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The Flush Brigade is your residential backflow prevention experts.  We provide complete peace of mind through knowledgeable, accurate, and specialized services, including professional testing, repair, and installation of backflow assemblies.  Our qualified technicians serve customers across Peachtree City GA, Newnan GA, Fayetteville GA, Palmetto, GA, Senoia GA, Tyrone, GA & Griffin GA with prompt and personalized attention, ensuring compliance with the water authority.  We adhere to strict standards of quality, remaining updated with all regulations and advancements in the backflow industry.  The Flush Brigade is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and our specialists are certified to complete testing and installation of all types of backflow assemblies.

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Backflow is the unwanted reversal of the flow of water from its proper direction in any pipeline or plumbing system, possibly causing health risks.  To allow water to flow from your faucet, the water is maintained at a significant pressure.  If there is an excessive demand on the water system, if pipes freeze or burst, water pressure may diminish or fail.  This allows contaminated water to be drawn up into the system and introduced into drinking water.  A backflow preventer is a mechanical plumbing device that is installed in a plumbing system to protect potable water supplies from pollution due to backflow, The Flush Brigade delivers proper management of residential water systems, allowing you to trust your drinking water and avoid concerns of harmful chemicals and other health hazards.

Stay safe and enjoy clean water with professional plumbing service and backflow prevention throughout Peachtree City GA, Newnan GA, Fayetteville GA, Palmetto, GA, Senoia GA, Tyrone, GA & Griffin GA!

Wherever there are cross-connections in a water system, backflow can occur, threatening your drinking water.  In every home there are connections between the clean water supply and potential sources of contamination.  At The Flush Brigade, we safeguard your health with prompt, reliable, and knowledgeable backflow testing, installation, and repair.  Our team of specialists provide residential plumbing services to suit your specific requirements, upholding a level of professionalism that ensures rewarding and prompt completion of your project.  Rely on our expertise to provide the right solutions.

Backflow Prevention