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A bathroom renovation project is full of exciting possibilities.  Unfortunately, there’s also the potential for error.  Proper planning, anticipating every challenge, and relying only on top quality products, materials, and equipment saves time and money.  When you trust The Flush Brigade to satisfy your expectations, you’ll also benefit from trustworthy and precision workmanship.  Our licensed specialists have the industry background, in-field experience, and in-depth training to manage every step of the process in an organized, professional, and proper manner.  We work closely with you to determine your specific requirements and goals, and provide the information you need to make the best possible choices. We make sure every stage is completed in a timely fashion, that disruption is minimized, and the final results deliver long lasting satisfaction.

Get the most out of your bathroom renovation!

Even if you’re limited in space, The Flush Brigade is big on ideas and will maximize the potential of your new bathroom, helping you select the products and fixtures right for your needs and style.  Whether you’re updating or adding a master bathroom, kids or guest bathroom, this confined space sees a great deal of use, serves many functions, and needs to accommodate numerous moving parts.  There’s no room for error.  Faucets and fixtures need to operate reliably and not succumb to corrosion.  Sinks, tubs, and countertops must withstand moisture, soaps, cosmetics, and retain their original finish.  Toilets must operate efficiently and dependably.  Between the many materials and styles of each component, there is a nearly endless list of decisions to make.  You certainly don’t want to look back and wish you’d done it differently.  The team from The Flush Brigade values your investment and takes the extra steps necessary to ensure your total satisfaction with the look, usability, and durability of your new bathroom for years to come.

For a bathroom renovation that will leave you with a functioning, beautiful room, contact The Flush Brigade today!

At The Flush Brigade, we get clean water in and dirty water out of your home as efficiently as possible.  Throughout the process, we focus on environmentally-responsible practices and solutions.  As a  leader in water conservation, we offer our customers conscientious product options that save money and reduce impact on the earth.  Our goal is to answer demand for both form and function with a “green approach.”  We are knowledgeable and experienced with groundbreaking products that limit water consumption and still serve your highest demand for performance.  We stay on top of current standards, laws, and codes, and are skilled designers who ensure that your renovated bathroom answers to your ideal space.  Our team of seasoned plumbers would love to work with you and create something special.

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