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“Thank you, Chet and Matt, for a job well done. I appreciate your promptness and professionalism.”

Jane Keller

“My repair has yet to be done, so I’m sure I will augment this review, but this company arrived within an hour, couldn’t have been more professional while still being sympathic, and generally took the disaster in hand and explained that all would be well. Very reassuring. Great start!”

L Peterson

“Very professional, great work and stayed until the job was done.”

Carrie L. from AAI

“My water bill had tripled so I had these guys come out and see what the problem was..They first told me 500, which I said ok, do what you have to do..then after digging out at the meter, came back in and told me it was only loose so it was 225.00..I would not have known it was only loose..I so appreciate their honesty and will be recommending them to all my friends!! Great job!! Thanks so much!”

Rebecca B.

“My tech was Steven M, he arrived and not only completed the job as promised but also made sure the area was clean before he left. Great job Steve. Would definitely recommend the flush brigade.”

Ray H.

“I was so happy to deal with such professionals. GOOD JOB. I can now sleep peacefully knowing the issue is fixed.”>


“Manager Eric was very helpful! Techs Steven and Justin were both amazing! Very knowledgeable and helpful. They both provided excellent service and were very good at clean up after they fixed our leak. Thanks again! 5*”>

Julie K.

“Very thorough and professional. Extremely pleased with Steven Myer and The Flush Brigade.”

Rhetta Y.

“Excellent customer service!!! Explained all scenarios regarding my leak, and provided great service to solve the problem. I would certainly recommend The Flush Brigade for ALL my plumbing needs. Eric is “the” Best….”

Edward C.

“Five Star Rating”

Beth S.

“Five Star Rating”

Eric B.

“Five Star Rating”

Taylor R.