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Whether you’re looking to repair or replace your hot water heater, the plumbing specialists from The Flush Brigade guide you through the process and provide rewarding solutions.  Our licensed plumbers are well-versed in all makes and models of hot water tanks.  We draw from years of industry experience and training to quickly diagnose your situation and bring about accurate results.  We handle the plumbing and hot water needs of homeowners throughout Peachtree City GA, Newnan GA, Fayetteville GA, Senoia GA, & Griffin GA with swift, accurate, and trustworthy service.  Our 24/7 Emergency Service protects you from living without water or with damaging conditions, never forcing you to wait until business hours on Monday.  For regular scheduling, we offer flexible service times to better serve your busy lifestyle.  Our team arrives on time and equipped to manage the entire scope of the project, avoiding delays, repeated visits, and inflated costs.  We take exceptional care of your property, equipment, and lasting satisfaction.

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If your water heater takes forever to heat, runs out of hot water quickly, or doesn’t supply any hot water at all, don’t assume it’s beyond saving.  There’s a good chance that our team of plumbers can implement cost-effective part replacement and essential adjustment to extend service life.  Things like replacing one or both of the heating elements, changing out the thermostats or cutoff switch, or installing a new anode rod are straightforward and inexpensive repairs.  

After about ten to fifteen years, however, your water heater may be succumbing to old age, and it might be time to upgrade.  Through years of service, water minerals react with steel, corroding traditional tanks. Once the water heater begins to leak, repair is no longer an option.

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Advances in design and technology have resulted in models that offer a potential savings up to $700 in energy costs over the service life.  Modern alternatives now feature foam insulation between the tank and its outer shell, delivering superior heat retention.  Innovative glass liners protect the tank from premature corrosion.  Choosing a high-efficiency model, that meets Energy Star requirements, can trim 20% off your energy costs.  Just by installing qualifying models, you can take advantage of personal tax credits and/or energy saving rebates.  The professionals from The Flush Brigade will help you benefit from the greatest return from your investment, helping you choose the ideal product for your specific needs.  We specialize in a “green approach,” offering energy saving products and techniques to reduce impact on our environment.  Our experienced technicians would be happy to discuss the many rewards of tankless water heaters.

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Most people don’t give their water heaters a thought until they experience an icy cold shower or flooding in the basement.  Suddenly, you need help quickly and the big question is, repair or replace?  Contact The Flush Brigade and take advantage of our experience and training.  Our qualified team will help you evaluate options and provide the information you need to make the choice that’s right for you.  We are certified to install the leading brands on the market today, bringing you top quality products that deliver superior performance, warranties, and lasting power.  At The Flush Brigade, we improve your everyday life with innovative products, unmatched skill, and unwavering dedication.

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